look at that little fellow go

extended weekends with no prior planning almost always equals a trip to the zoo or a museum.  this time we picked the zoo, along with 40 billion other people! but it was a glorious day and we were just happy to be outside!


^ she is becoming very motherly these days [and slightly bossy…i can’t imagine where she got that trait?!]. if there is too much banter happening between shane and i, she will throw out a “is that how you would like to be treated” and “is that tone of voice very kind little lady”.150_original 133

^ look at those muscles…i think he’s got ya beat babe 😉143 136

 ^this little fellow was to die for!!  no, but seriously, i was like a child giggling and oohing out loud. he caught sight of this little girls teddy bear and followed it around tirelessly for a half hour at least [after that shane got tired of watching the show and made me leave]. it was doing endless circles, flips, waves. i mean this little guy [girl?] was a born performer!  the girl with the teddy offered bug a turn leading with the stuffed animal and she refused, “i’d rather just watch the show”. i almost asked if i could have a turn, but there were other kids around.149_original146

^ it was a colorful kind of day140


^ A for effort on the candid shots bug144

145and of course a trip to the zoo is not complete without stopping at frozen yo.  which was a zoo in and of itself on this lovely memorial day weekend!


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