i’m well aware mother

so bug got a new bike, streamers and all!  we had practiced riding quite a bit last summer and bought her the new bike with the goal of being able to take off those training wheels by the end of the summer.


  however, during the inaugural ride of the big girl bike, my visions of her whizzing around on two wheels slowly faded.  she would pedal three feet and then brake.  pedal a few more and then brake.  and that my friends is one of the things kate can not handle. my patience level has never been exemplary and teaching is just downright hard [i ❤ teachers]. but when you spend a whole summer patiently teaching bike riding to then have it thrown in your face like it never happened….well then all patience goes out the window! i of course start coaching her like this is some kind of intense contact sport, in which her well being depends on executing the correct movements.  the culmination of which, resulted in me speaking loudly [not quite yelling] “you’re never going to go anywhere unless you actually pedal”!  to which she calmly replied “i am well aware mother”.  then the fight went out of me and i reverted to quietly observing while shane gave it a go.

155_original (1)

“look ma, no hands”!  two minutes later she fell and i’m sure the entire neighborhood thought she was dying with all the howling/wailing that ensued. 156_original (1)she then spent the majority of the ride yelling at shane to keep up and braking every time she started going faster than walking pace.  needless to say, we’ve got a lot of practicing to do here!


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