food truck stalking

when the weather is nice, the food trucks become a kind of game.  everyone and their mother is out trying to hunt down their favorite truck or sometimes just trying to find one with a semi-reasonable line.  now some notes on stalking:

some of my faves include: Far East Tacos, Pho Wheels, the Chick-fil-a truck, Peruvian Brothers, and this one barbecue truck with a lionish thing on it that i don’t know the name of.

some i am currently stalking: SUNdeVICH, Basil Thyme, the Randy Radish.

photo 4 (27)

^ when the weather is this nice, the food trucks come out in droves!IMG_1491

^ when the weather is nice the lines can be a half hour +

photo 2 (32)

one of the biggest mysteries to me is how these trucks have food [and amazing food at that] to feed a gajillion people?! so if you own a food truck and are willing to give tours, let me know!
photo 4 (26)

tangent:  this man is my hero ^ two amazing cameras and climbing electrical units to get that perfect shot.  keep up the good work 3 (28)

^ i also have to gush a little over the rooftop terrace. these green buildings are always so spectacular!IMG_1490

 ^ and its got a pretty rad view [we see the guys on the roof staring at us with their binoculars..i sometimes get nervous to even point my phone in that direction]  IMG_1656^ still haven’t seen el presidento yet though….someday!


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