in a former life

#tbt blog style.  a look back at some of the crazy jobs i took! and oh my golly have i had lots of rando jobs thus far in my life…hopefully this trend is kicked and there won’t be too many more crazy things…but then again, who knows! some of the jobs i’ve worked include:

Doctor’s office file girl: my first job! i was 15 when i started doing some filing and cleaning.  i did this for 3 years [i think], saw some gross things when taking out the trash and realized i could never do anything in the medical field.

newspaper delivery: i’ll be honest there were a few days when some poor folks way out in the country didn’t get their papers and the recycling bin was a little bit heavier…still never got any formal complaints though!

House of Sandwich: sandwich shop mimicking jimmy johns.  i was way too slow at making sandwiches, ate their potato soup on the daily, and learned way too much about ice used in soda dispensers [seriously gross].

Telemarketer: i can’t even remember what the actual company was called or the product i was selling [some type of cable?!] but i worked from after school until 11pm, made $12 an hour [a fortune at the time], and had no life outside of work.  this lasted about 4 months.

Nanny: i did this for 3 years [i think] with some amazing kiddos.  did this pre and post bug.  it is pretty amazing to get payed to take your child [plus a few more] to the pool/zoo/park/etc.  and being the oldest of 5 kids, well, this really just came pretty naturally to me.

Party Safari: i hosted birthday parties at a wannabe Chuck Cheese where they made me sing happy birthday over the loud speaker and worked me way too many hours on the weekends.  they had amazing breadsticks, my boss was most definitely on crack, and i got to dress up in the animal suit one time [think chick-fil-a cows…did you know those things have cooling systems inside of them?!]

Lifeguard: for PE classes during school, which barely counts as a job, except for the fact that this is where i met shane [he was my rescue partner during training and i thought i was going to burst with excitement]

Kohls: was responsible for the men’s department. i actually adored the folding, organizing and moving displays around [neat freak, i know], and hated everything else about it [inventories, customers, cash register].  i even had a guy ask me to climb a ladder and get him down some heavy luggage when i was 9 months prego…this lasted about 6 months.

 Game Swap: managed a video/game store.  i had an office in the back with a desk, bed and toy shelf for bug whom i brought with me to work every day.  i would study for school and run the store while trying to entertain a 2 year old…that was a crazy year! the lady from the subway next door fell in love with bug and brought her over cookies, i confronted a 13 year old that shoved a game down his pants, and the store went out of business a year after i left.

Young Audiences of Indiana: i was the accountant at a non-profit art organization for two years, which was an amazing job with lots of artsy events, beer and wine in the fridge at all times, flying cupcake birthdays, and great people!

auditor: oh yes, where do i start! the most challenging job i have done, big 4, traveling, suit jackets, and more exciting accountant stuff here, here and here.

the best job in the world: mama



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