hello WV, you’re awfully pretty

i went on a tubing trip with some friends this past weekend.  now in Indiana, tubing is being hooked up to the back of a motor boat and pulled around like crazy. tubing in WV is plop your butt in a tube and float down the river [except when you decide to do white water tubing, in which case there is a bit more involved].  it started out kind of gloomy and overcast and ended up a perfectly sunny, gorgeous day!


1_original (1) photo 1 (36)

what a day! it started off with the rollercoaster bus ride from crazy Ms. D and only got more chaotic from there. “white water tubing” is not an event where you should tie a bajillion tubes together…. unless you want to get scratched up on the rocks, have your tube deflate, or lose miscellaneous items to the current.

photo 1 (40)

photo 2 (37) photo 4

^ some pretty fabulous coworkers right there

2_original  sdfgs

photo 1 (39)

all photos courtesy of the iphone that did manage to survive the trip in my handy new waterproof case. i probably made more than a few risky moves with it on the “rapids”, but ya just gotta take those chances sometimes!


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