coming up for air

so i know it is supposed to be summer and all that busy season nonsense is supposed to be behind me, but that is just the joy of  public accounting.  amazingly, it CAN last all year long if you get lucky enough. and then you just don’t have to worry about all those summer barbecues and lazy swimming pool days, because you will inevitably be working. [so maybe i am slightly exaggerating this, as I have had my weekends off still. and boy oh boy i can’t imagine myself without those weekends right now…yikes]

so we issued another report last friday and i feel like i am finally able to breathe again!  and i also feel a little like this, whoops.  so here is a picture from my favorite thing that happened over the past two weeks [two weeks since the last blog post!? geesh], bug’s ballet.  and prepare yourself, there are a whole heck of a lot more where this came from. just you wait!



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