the 4th

the 4th was only a few weeks ago. and it’s summer.  i honestly don’t feel that bad anymore about my lack of posting in the summer, because summer should be about getting out into that hot, disgustingly sticky, weather and sweating your butt off.  we had a pretty quiet 4th and stuck to Fairfax’s local offerings (parade, concert, bounce houses, fireworks).


^ bug impatiently waited all day to crack into these sparklers!


^ worst possible donut choice for a hot, sticky day.  it melted in about 5 seconds flat. on the upside, she was already so sticky from riding on daddy’s shoulders it didn’t really make much of a difference.

  8  1017_original7

^ best strawberry shortcake in a cup.  we got the last one and at a bargain price to boot!


and did you notice, not one picture of fireworks! after taking about 50 i realized they are just so much better in person, its not even worth it.


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