the bug puts her spanish lessons to good use

so as i mentioned here, the bug and i went to puerto rico with my family last week and it was a blast!! it was lovely to see all of my family all at once! we got to play card games, get hopelessly lost on back roads in the middle of nowhere, try new food, watch too many movies for a beach vacation, hoard oreos, and much more!

not to mention it was kind of awesome that i could lay on the beach and take a nap, not worrying about the bug since there were 6 other people there to keep an eye on her.


the house that we rented was in a gorgeous private complex and the beach was very quiet and secluded.  it had an awesome little tide pool that was warm and calm and perfect for bug.  there were also lots of little sea creatures to check out [crabs, sea urchins, fish]. 654_original 6

bug was very into her sandcastle building, flipping the bucket over so it didn’t spill, and bossing everyone anyone who would listen around.324_original 8

bug adamantly refused to speak a word of spanish the whole time we were there.  even when i was “conversing” with the little boy sitting next to me on the plane, who only spoke spanish, and tried to ease her into the conversation she wouldn’t.  she just stared at me with that look [ya know, the “girl whatchyou been smokin?!” look].  i also got this same look when i tried to ask “aparcamiento para la publica?”  to the parking lot attendant. and maybe a few other times when i more or less asked one word questions and did a lot of hand gestures…maybe i should join in on those spanish lessons with the bug.

[the correct way to ask would have been “estacionamiento para el público?”. in case you were wondering]

1235_original10 1245_original


^ they huddled up like this multiple times over a crab/fish/something…you can tell we’re family.3177

we went to the Cabo Rojo Salt Flats which were really neat! the water was a crazy bright purple color in the morning when we drove by, but when we got back to really check them out in the afternoon they were pink.6543_original 36

^ i wish i would have learned to take panorama photos before this. don’t worry, i have since been informed as to how it works [mind blown]!463549_original

the bug was in auntie and uncle heaven. we have a fun trip to Disneyworld planned for later this summer, but all she can talk about is going back to Indiana to spend a week with the family!!50 53

i might have been in auntie and uncle heaven also!3547_original 63 65111

^ this little guy had the coolest eyes.  they went vertical then horizontal every few seconds!
667286_original 79

^the whole crew56435_original92

^ always so adorable9999_original

we went exploring waterfalls one day, which may have been the highlight of the trip for me! 95


it was really treacherous hiking through the woods, especially in our bare feet or sandals.  we had to have a local guy show us the way to the 2nd waterfall [sidenote: he was awesome and knew all the secrets from the best way to hike it to the best way to jump in].  bug just flat out couldn’t make the hike because of all the climbing and slippery surfaces, so the little monkey clung to my back on the way there and uncle aley’s on the way back. i admit, i felt like a bada** once i carried my not-so-little 6 year old through the woods and then jumped off a waterfall! pat on the back.


^ hey ma! just hanging out in a waterfall, nbd.26895_original 1149994_original 115and i really tried to narrow it down on the sunsets, honestly, but i just couldn’t help myself!  they were all so gorgeous!!


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