summertime sadness

you may be thinking, how can anyone be sad during summer, especially those who just posted about how summertime was the best time of year….but you know, these things sometimes happen.  especially when listening to Lana del Rey’s Summertime Sadness, which they just keep playing on the radio [even though it came out over a year ago and i am unhealthily addicted to it].

i typically try to keep this blog super positive, because honestly those are the things that i want to look back and remember. however, i feel there are also some struggles that i would do well to remember, as i do believe our biggest struggles help us truly define ourselves. i speak from experience when i say i think it is when life is hardest that we learn who we are, what we are about, and just how much we can accomplish. which is somehow always so much more than imagined.

confessional: patience is a virtue i have long struggled with.  i am much too ambitious and aggressive to sit by and wait for things to come to me. but there are just some things out of my control. this is something i have struggled with for a while, but have always been able to work around…until now. and now that i am so unable to control this part of my life, it hurts.



i’m trying to remind myself  “a certain darkness is needed to see the stars” and that this period in my life is just going to help make what comes next that much brighter and more sparkly! and if it doesn’t work out the way that kate wants it to work out, well, then kate will just have to make an effort to heed the advice in the picture above and make the best of it!

life will go on. and what a beautiful, exciting life it is!


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