i made that – clutch

my craftiness was dying to be let out, even if just for a teensy bit, so i gave in and made a clutch from this tutorial! and much to my delight, it was really easy. i mean honestly a thirty minute project [and i even added a liner to it]! i got the bright blue leather from this website that was very reasonable, and made the liner from some scrap material.

the tutorial is so straight forward, there aren’t even any little changes I would make, unless you want to add a liner. in which case, you take your liner material, measure it to the same length as the leather and sew three sides of it. then as you go to sew the zipper on, you just pin the one unsewed/open side of the liner to the inside of the leather. and tada! a cute, simple, and cheap clutch! and a free pat yourself on the back moment.4246_original


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