a blogging sabbatical


so I went MIA for a bit.  prepare yourself for a raging flurry of excuses:

first of all i’m pregnant.  the best excuse ever.  an excuse to cop out on basically anything and everything…except for work.  which is in and of itself another excuse for taking a blogging sabbatical, as my job does not recognize that we are people (let alone pregnant people) and requires ungodly amounts of hours and stress.  also, we made some other major family decisions that were quite stressful and required lots of thinking and researching and energy.

i am not an easily stressed out person.  i typically thrive on stressful situations.  i am one of those people who can’t ever just sit down and relax.  even when the hubs has convinced me to sit and watch a show with him (which rarely happens), i am antsy and typically doing something else while watching, always needing to be busy. however, i was extremely stressed out for a few months this fall while making some major life changes.

thus, something, somewhere had to give, and i thought that blogging was the right thing to give up. but i was wrong.  i have realized that blogging/photography is actually one of the only things that i do for myself!  and having an outlet or hobby that you love is an absolute must (even more so when you’re stressed).  so i’m back to blogging.  even if it is sporadic and the pictures are not quite up to par with what i would like them to be, i’m still going to make an effort.

i do have to caveat my intent to blog, for anyone that actually reads this blog with any sort of consistency, that i am in a crazy busy season at work, we are moving in March, baby #2 is due in April, and my husband is leaving for two years of training in May…..so the blogging is more for myself.  and to document family memories, because looking back at some of my older blog posts is so much fun!  here are a few of my favorite memories that i had forgotten about until i looked back through:

my favorite healthy food is pikl

the hair of berkley elizabeth

fashionista in the making

and yet another day in the life of an auditor…..

this sounds like a movie plot but i swear its true boss


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