zombie ballerina

i am going to play catch up on a few of the key events that happened during my blogging sabbatical, because i have some photos and stories that are too great not to post. one of those key things was Halloween.

this year the bug wanted to be something scary (no masks allowed), and somehow decided on a zombie.  she then spent hours trying to decide what type of outfit she wanted to zombie-fy.  we discussed cheerleader, bride (taken by her friend already), pirate, rocker, and on and on, until finally finding a decent, already put together, zombie ballerina costume.  so be it.


she got to wear her costume twice this year, at a themed Halloween party and to trick-or-treat.


i am saying a sad goodbye to days of princesses, cats, and ladybugs….the terrifying pre-teen years are just around the corner!


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