names are forever

this is a very intimidating fact,  and the reason why it was almost a full day after her birth that Everly was named.   this link couldn’t be more hilarious regarding choosing your child’s name (although we we didn’t quite get to the fighting or blaming…or maybe we did and i’m just choosing to block it out now…), and this link couldn’t be more spot on when you think about all the ridiculous things you could consider when naming your child.

we, however, decided to pawn this stressful decision off onto someone else.  Berkley.  who gets the full glory (or blame if you don’t like the name) for naming her baby sister.  we had hoped that this would help start the transition into loving, caring, slightly overbearing big sister in a big way.  and although she vehemently denied liking her sister for the first three months, saying things like “eh she’s just ok, but she steals all of my attention so i don’t really like her”, she has been nothing but an angel to her sister.  she coos and reads and kisses and begs to hold her on the daily. she calls out my mothering flaws “mom, why in the world doesn’t she have a bib on, she is spitting up all over and ruining these clothes” and proceeds to take things into her own hands, “i will clean you up little lady, don’t you worry”.  she chose the name Everly over Camille or Emerson because it sounds the most like Berkley.


i can’t wait to see what these little ladies relationship develops into!


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