loves breakfast foods and working out

US Navy Sailor

used to build buildings for a living


a thoughtful, compassionate, know-it-all, sassy pants

adores crafting and reading

loves frozen yo and anything her daddy likes


loves mum mums and her sister

a constant joy to all around her

was named by her sister


has an obsession with documenting life through pictures

loves to read

auditor [not the IRS kind, don’t worry]



We grew up in the midwest, had a brief stint in Washington DC, and are now in Indiana again prepping for a move to San Diego!  Shane and I are high school sweethearts all grown up with two beautiful girls.  We love to travel, try new things, and not try new things sometimes too.

This blog is to help remind us of the wonders [and pains] of everyday life.  There are spectacular, one of a kind moments that happen all the time, and this blog is to capture some of those to remember forever.

photos by the amazingly talented Marchelle Mosley Photography and Bungalow Photography


2 thoughts on “About

  1. I am in love with your beautiful blog!! Side note: We named our daughter Boston. It was between that and Berkley. Our second was going to be Berkley, but turned out being a boy. 🙂

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