life changes

feeling extra thankful for all of the time that we have had together as a family over the past few months!


DSC_2053-2 DSC_1869


the hubs got a call on Monday that he was leaving for training today (yep, two days notice)!!  so many emotions coursing through me right now, i just had to document it.  it is a very bittersweet day for our family (although i have to admit there is very little sweet for me)! i am very, very, very proud of him and the fact that he is chasing his dreams, but i will miss him like crazy.

to steal your words babe “i love you like a zombie loves eating human flesh, they just can’t help themselves. even if they wanted to they couldn’t stop”.

gorgeous pics by marchelle mosley photography


2nd Grade


wow. i still can’t believe i have a second grader!!  and what big changes this little bug has had over the past year, all handled with so much strength (and a few melt downs, but hey, she is human)!  i don’t know what i would do without this little lady.  she has been immensely helpful with her new little sister, while trying to adjust to a new school and town.  she has also been preparing herself for her daddy to leave for training while her mommy works at “that dumb job that takes too many hours of your life, mom”.

i didn’t really even need to ask her what she wanted to be when she grew up because she talks about it all the time.  she will talk my ear off anytime she has the chance about the mansion she is going to open for all of the poor people that just need a little help or somewhere warm to sleep for the night.  “it’s really hard to take care of yourself when you don’t even have a place to sleep at night”.  this little lady, my little lady, makes my heart swell with love and pride each day.  she makes me want to be a better mom and person.

so cheers to second grade, bug!  one day you will read this and know you are so very loved.

1st grade and Kindergarten 


names are forever

this is a very intimidating fact,  and the reason why it was almost a full day after her birth that Everly was named.   this link couldn’t be more hilarious regarding choosing your child’s name (although we we didn’t quite get to the fighting or blaming…or maybe we did and i’m just choosing to block it out now…), and this link couldn’t be more spot on when you think about all the ridiculous things you could consider when naming your child.

we, however, decided to pawn this stressful decision off onto someone else.  Berkley.  who gets the full glory (or blame if you don’t like the name) for naming her baby sister.  we had hoped that this would help start the transition into loving, caring, slightly overbearing big sister in a big way.  and although she vehemently denied liking her sister for the first three months, saying things like “eh she’s just ok, but she steals all of my attention so i don’t really like her”, she has been nothing but an angel to her sister.  she coos and reads and kisses and begs to hold her on the daily. she calls out my mothering flaws “mom, why in the world doesn’t she have a bib on, she is spitting up all over and ruining these clothes” and proceeds to take things into her own hands, “i will clean you up little lady, don’t you worry”.  she chose the name Everly over Camille or Emerson because it sounds the most like Berkley.


i can’t wait to see what these little ladies relationship develops into!

sometimes life happens

sometimes life happens and i choose to live in the moment rather than worrying about thoroughly documenting it. but has it really been half a year?!  well my goodness.  honestly though, i feel like i have a legitimate excuse in the form of two very adorable little ladies and one handsome husband.

10174808_854856045167_2078170880726297070_n 10268593_852922035937_8334476744289360751_nphoto

let the catching up begin!

a holly jolly christmas

yep, more catch up pictures. the holidays are my favorite time of year, so it really can’t be helped.

43a mommy-daddy-berkley sandwich with a twist


attempts at family photos…we are slowly improving…48

bug made so many cookies all by herself and shared them with everyone.  she really loved helping pick out and wrap presents this year too.08762349_original

^ the traditional Christmas morning photo on the stairs39 092387492847_originaloh holidays.  come back soon please.

flying high

i had my very first flight lesson during my blogging sabbatical.  it was one of those introductory flight lessons where they teach you the basics.  i was shocked at how straightforward these little planes are to fly. and the flight instructor was so laid back, he even let bug come along!



bug and the flight instructor were of course fast friends.  he didn’t even mind when she kept interrupting over the mic to say “hey mom!! i just wanted to say i love you on this thing”31

i think the flight instructor wanted to ask if i was pregnant, but he didn’t.  not sure if that’s totally allowed, but eh.

bug was my in flight photographer and did such a great job34such a fun thing to do! if you ever get the chance, take it!

a little bug update

it’s been awhile and i feel like this little lady is maturing so fast i can barely keep up! some bug stats as of late:

– is extremely nurturing.  runs to get me saltines anytime i mention nausea. also, on an extra long shopping day she suggested we stop for some cornbread and a salad “because you’re pregnant and i’m a growing girl and we haven’t had enough veggies today”.

– asks mature questions or makes statements about jealousy, love, death, etc.  “i know i am going to be jealous when the new baby comes, but that’s just part of life and i’m still really excited about it”.

– is a baking queen.  made a bajillion sugar cookies at Christmas time, refusing to let me roll, cookie cut, or decorate any of them.  “just man the stove mom, and ice a few cookies when you have free time”.09823740_original

– is a reading machine.  she loves Thea Stilton, Rainbow Magic Fairy series, and Magic Treehouse.  she can read a whole Junie B Jones book in one sitting….this makes me unreasonably sad, but also extremely proud.

– her negotiating skills grow better by the minute. “but can’t you just carry me this one last time because soon you will have to carry the baby everywhere?”

– quotes Duck Dynasty on the daily (her current daddy-berkley show) and thinks Si Robertson is the funniest person alive.  “Into the Pride” was the previous daddy-berkley show.

– loves wearing tights with jean shorts, black leather boots, and any type of baggy tee.  still also loves to wear matching dresses with her doll. wishes she could wear TOMs everyday.


– her new years “revolution” is to learn to play the piano and be an awesome big sister!

– if i look back at other little bug updates over the past few years (seen here, here, and here) you will note i talk about how much she wants a sibling!  and now the lucky little ducky is getting her wish, and couldn’t be more excited!


bug is getting herself a new baby SISTER and she is beyond excited!


101bug told me “it’s really unfortunate for you mom.  now dad will have two little daddy’s girls and you will still have no-one to be your favorite”!  ouch.  i know she loves her daddy a whole lot, but when she gets hurt or upset, she still wants her mommy.

so excited for more bows, dress up, nail painting, and just general girlishness!