a holly jolly christmas

yep, more catch up pictures. the holidays are my favorite time of year, so it really can’t be helped.

43a mommy-daddy-berkley sandwich with a twist


attempts at family photos…we are slowly improving…48

bug made so many cookies all by herself and shared them with everyone.  she really loved helping pick out and wrap presents this year too.08762349_original

^ the traditional Christmas morning photo on the stairs39 092387492847_originaloh holidays.  come back soon please.


the 4th

the 4th was only a few weeks ago. and it’s summer.  i honestly don’t feel that bad anymore about my lack of posting in the summer, because summer should be about getting out into that hot, disgustingly sticky, weather and sweating your butt off.  we had a pretty quiet 4th and stuck to Fairfax’s local offerings (parade, concert, bounce houses, fireworks).


^ bug impatiently waited all day to crack into these sparklers!


^ worst possible donut choice for a hot, sticky day.  it melted in about 5 seconds flat. on the upside, she was already so sticky from riding on daddy’s shoulders it didn’t really make much of a difference.

  8  1017_original7

^ best strawberry shortcake in a cup.  we got the last one and at a bargain price to boot!


and did you notice, not one picture of fireworks! after taking about 50 i realized they are just so much better in person, its not even worth it.


all of my favorite bloggers did it, so i am doing it.  i mean honestly, it’s just a brilliant idea to highlight some of the important/memorable things from the whole year in one post!  then for someone who hates getting on the computer, but wants to quickly catch up on my life through pictures (ahem..dad) its perfect.  so here goes:

– we celebrated being 5 with some bowling [and spontaneous dancing]


– 2 years of marriage were celebrated here when we kicked off our travels in San Diego [it was too good to just do one post of course] and San Fran driving all up and down the amazing Pacific Coast Highway









– shane worked on three big projects: a medical center, Jewish temple and this beaut:


– bug kept busy with ballet, soccer, swimming and spanish lessons


0123_original (1)

– we went on lots of adventures this year, some of our favorites were:

33    50

luray caverns and shenandoah valley hiking


01_original (2)



00_original (3) 2    49

indiana (as much as possible and of course for the holidays here and here)



new york

– we took full advantage of the perks of living in DC, many, many, many times




– my baby started kindergarten!!! [i may have been slightly traumatized and posted about it here and here]

PicMonkey Collage big

– i posted my first blog rant and boy did it feel good!

– hubs and i took an adults only trip to Vieques and Old San Juan [Puerto Rico] and loved every minute of it




– and well so much more happened, but guess what!?  there is a whole blog about it 😉

and now for a massive photo dump of some of my faves:



photo 1 IMG_20121120_163648


00_original (2)





Christmas 2012

oh Christmas you’re the best.  i think these pictures tell it pretty well!





^ good morning world, it’s christmas! and even the bug got matching pjs this year!  mommy and daddy got a special handmade back scratcher from the bug [a cut up solo cup that she thought up and wrapped all on her own..there may have been tears shed].  bug of course made out like a bandit.  hey, gotta live up being the only grandchild while she can!

60_original (1)

snow…sigh of relief…now it is really Christmas.0000_original (1)26

000_original (5)

12 00_original (6)we ate so much good food! SOOO much.  [excluding the above chips. blah, not my cup of tea]

42 0_original (6)10

01_original (4)13

59_originalwe got in so much good family time too!  bug was in heaven with all the aunties and uncles to boss around.




and then we said goodbye to beautiful, snowy Indiana, until next time!

tis the season

for everything Christmas!!!



0_original (5)total faith in her papa ^ the gigantic capitol christmas tree






she was getting lots of good ideas for her gingerbread house ^7
20 25_original13

24_originalhooray for the holidays!!  i don’t think i can say that enough!

holiday parties

tis the season for work holiday parties, and all the joys they entail!  so first let me rant for a moment on the dilemma of seeing the words “cocktail attire” in an invitation.  cocktail attire could mean anything!!  i asked google and this is what it had to say about it:

Cocktail Attire for Women: What is cocktail attire for women? The appropriate cocktail attire for women consists of short and long formal dresses, high heels, and fancy hats.

fancy hats?  short and long formal dresses?  thanks for nothing google.

so anyways, after much debating about what to wear we were on our way!  our evening started out with some family photos….



and then i realized that the hubs was not going to shave his mustache [a by product of no-shave-november] off for my work holiday party, and was going to meet many important people looking like a major creepazoid  [evidence of creepiness above]!  thus ensued an argument.  and let me tell you, that boy went so far as to keep his mustache during dinner and then secretly shave it off in the bathroom right before the party!!!!! yea you got me good babe.  better watch your back….IMG_2398

photo 4the party was really lovely!  they went so far as to include a photo booth, dance floor, chocolate fountains and 16 open bars!

000_original (4)00_original (4)and you know it’s a good night when you end up with photos like this ^^ pure class.

give thanks

oh turkey day.  the older i get the more i appreciate you, and the more i try to remind myself to celebrate a mini thanksgiving every single day because man am i lucky!

2for this handsome man

00_original (3)

for this little doll [for whom i could never truly express my love]25

for the opportunities i have been given and the people who have supported me, for the beauty all around us and this wonderful country we live in


000_original (3)

and yup, him again31


for a pretty awesome pup

01_original (3)


and for the best family you could ask for

44so blessed

the thanksgiving feast

oh how fun to be in kindergarten again, if only for a day!  bug’s class did a feast for thanksgiving and all sorts of fun crafts, and i got to tag along!

my little pilgrim ^  she wore one of my tank tops as a dress underneath her shirt and thought that was pretty awesome!

such a great way to kick off the holiday!


 how can you not love this holiday.  and this face.

she went as a candy corn witch this year, after i was all geared up to put together this elaborate belly dancer costume she has been asking for since last halloween.  i was slightly disappointed that i didn’t get to showcase my creativity, but maybe i should be glad she picked this instead of a belly dancer….

giving us her best witchy looks ^

“moooommmm, i can’t be the only one dressing up”. “dad, you can just go as a construction worker, that’s fine with me”.

tired girl trying to stay awake ^
when we got home shane teasingly took half of her candy pile and claimed it for himself.  much to my surprise [and delight] she said yea dad, that can be your pile. melt. then she proceeded to sort her candy by color….she may just be my child after all!



as i am currently too wiped out from the trick-or-treating madness, i am going to post costumed fun at a later time.  but i never got around to posting pics of our pumpkin painting, so here they are!  i saw this idea here and thought it would be perfect for us, as we don’t really have a great place to put carved pumpkins this year.

the crafting queen hard at work.  no can of black paint on the carpet this time [thank goodness]!!

ta da! i think that we could have done this for hours, but hey there’s always next year!