sometimes life happens

sometimes life happens and i choose to live in the moment rather than worrying about thoroughly documenting it. but has it really been half a year?!  well my goodness.  honestly though, i feel like i have a legitimate excuse in the form of two very adorable little ladies and one handsome husband.

10174808_854856045167_2078170880726297070_n 10268593_852922035937_8334476744289360751_nphoto

let the catching up begin!


flying high

i had my very first flight lesson during my blogging sabbatical.  it was one of those introductory flight lessons where they teach you the basics.  i was shocked at how straightforward these little planes are to fly. and the flight instructor was so laid back, he even let bug come along!



bug and the flight instructor were of course fast friends.  he didn’t even mind when she kept interrupting over the mic to say “hey mom!! i just wanted to say i love you on this thing”31

i think the flight instructor wanted to ask if i was pregnant, but he didn’t.  not sure if that’s totally allowed, but eh.

bug was my in flight photographer and did such a great job34such a fun thing to do! if you ever get the chance, take it!

a blogging sabbatical


so I went MIA for a bit.  prepare yourself for a raging flurry of excuses:

first of all i’m pregnant.  the best excuse ever.  an excuse to cop out on basically anything and everything…except for work.  which is in and of itself another excuse for taking a blogging sabbatical, as my job does not recognize that we are people (let alone pregnant people) and requires ungodly amounts of hours and stress.  also, we made some other major family decisions that were quite stressful and required lots of thinking and researching and energy.

i am not an easily stressed out person.  i typically thrive on stressful situations.  i am one of those people who can’t ever just sit down and relax.  even when the hubs has convinced me to sit and watch a show with him (which rarely happens), i am antsy and typically doing something else while watching, always needing to be busy. however, i was extremely stressed out for a few months this fall while making some major life changes.

thus, something, somewhere had to give, and i thought that blogging was the right thing to give up. but i was wrong.  i have realized that blogging/photography is actually one of the only things that i do for myself!  and having an outlet or hobby that you love is an absolute must (even more so when you’re stressed).  so i’m back to blogging.  even if it is sporadic and the pictures are not quite up to par with what i would like them to be, i’m still going to make an effort.

i do have to caveat my intent to blog, for anyone that actually reads this blog with any sort of consistency, that i am in a crazy busy season at work, we are moving in March, baby #2 is due in April, and my husband is leaving for two years of training in May… the blogging is more for myself.  and to document family memories, because looking back at some of my older blog posts is so much fun!  here are a few of my favorite memories that i had forgotten about until i looked back through:

my favorite healthy food is pikl

the hair of berkley elizabeth

fashionista in the making

and yet another day in the life of an auditor…..

this sounds like a movie plot but i swear its true boss

home…sigh of contentment

it’s so nice to be home! no matter how wonderful your travels, it is just a great feeling to sleep in your own bed again!

while i am playing catch up at work and at home, here are a few beauts from San Fran.  i have such mixed feeling towards that city! freezing cold [yes, if you need to buy hot cocoa at a baseball game to keep warm, it qualifies as freezing] in the middle of August…so bizarre….yet very, very pretty.  totally torn.

0000 000

most of these are from hiking around Golden Gate Park.  there is so much to see there!00 0

i made that – clutch

my craftiness was dying to be let out, even if just for a teensy bit, so i gave in and made a clutch from this tutorial! and much to my delight, it was really easy. i mean honestly a thirty minute project [and i even added a liner to it]! i got the bright blue leather from this website that was very reasonable, and made the liner from some scrap material.

the tutorial is so straight forward, there aren’t even any little changes I would make, unless you want to add a liner. in which case, you take your liner material, measure it to the same length as the leather and sew three sides of it. then as you go to sew the zipper on, you just pin the one unsewed/open side of the liner to the inside of the leather. and tada! a cute, simple, and cheap clutch! and a free pat yourself on the back moment.4246_original

ramblings and whatnot

some rambling thoughts i have been having lately. because why not?

Topic 1: the metro

oh public transportation. the joys and pains you cause me.  you do save my car from extra miles and allow me some time for just me!! but you are also unbearably hot and smelly, especially in the middle of our 100 degree heat wave. you also break down more than infrequently. and the fact that i currently have to keep track of two Mr. Greys – The Picture of Dorian Gray and 50 Shades of Grey – because i am way too embarrassed to be reading a romance novel in public is also kind of a con. nothing against romance novels, but everyone knows this book is downright kinky, and parading it around in public got me way too many unwanted stares and even a couple of bold winks.  although i do admit, Mr. Dorian Gray is proving to be quite provocative itself, in that beautiful 19th century kind of way though.


Topic 2: the bug knows way too much about “sexy time”

that’s what she called it the other day. seriously?!?! 6 years old!?!? you have got to be kidding me!!!  i have been reading a bajillion articles about when to have the official birds and bees discussion with your child and if its normal for them to be EXTREMELY curious. i knew this was going to be an issue when at 5, she asked me “no, but how exactly do the babies get out of the mommy’s belly?  do the doctors cut you open?”.  i decided then to answer honestly and told her that was one way that babies come out, and also explained the other way. to which she replied “that’s disgusting, i’m never going to have a baby”.  since then, her questions have become even more pointed. she has also come home talking about multiple different terms for the body parts, theories on baby making, and lots and lots of “well bobby at school said..”.  and this is why i have been minorly freaking out and reading a bajillion articles.

however, after reading those bajillion articles, i think that just approaching her questions in an honest and open manner is the best way to do it (for us at least).  she is perfectly comfortable in talking with us about anything that comes up.  we want to continue to encourage this behavior and not put up awkward boundaries that would make her seek out answers from her friends (who might just tell her that boys have to pee into girls to have a baby….um, gross).  so i guess we will just keep tackling this by being open and honest, and answering her questions as they come.  although i am really hoping we don’t get another knock on the door in the middle of the night with a “mom, why are you breathing so hard? what are you doing? let me in there!!”. not sure if i can be that open and honest yet ever.

Topic 3: the air conditioner battle

we have a mini war going on at our house right now.  the hubs has an unnaturally high body temperature and i am perfectly normal [at least body temperature wise…although i do have unnaturally sweaty palms…so maybe i am mostly normal].  this creates issues when trying to cool our house in the summer.  i walk into a freezer every night when i get home and have to find secret ways to turn the a/c down without him noticing.  when he does notice, i am doomed to wear a sweater in the middle of july….. #hothusbandproblems


Topic 4: orange is the new black

who knew a movie about women in prison could be so addictive!?! go netflix! you’re two for two now (House of Cards was the 1st winner).

summertime sadness

you may be thinking, how can anyone be sad during summer, especially those who just posted about how summertime was the best time of year….but you know, these things sometimes happen.  especially when listening to Lana del Rey’s Summertime Sadness, which they just keep playing on the radio [even though it came out over a year ago and i am unhealthily addicted to it].

i typically try to keep this blog super positive, because honestly those are the things that i want to look back and remember. however, i feel there are also some struggles that i would do well to remember, as i do believe our biggest struggles help us truly define ourselves. i speak from experience when i say i think it is when life is hardest that we learn who we are, what we are about, and just how much we can accomplish. which is somehow always so much more than imagined.

confessional: patience is a virtue i have long struggled with.  i am much too ambitious and aggressive to sit by and wait for things to come to me. but there are just some things out of my control. this is something i have struggled with for a while, but have always been able to work around…until now. and now that i am so unable to control this part of my life, it hurts.



i’m trying to remind myself  “a certain darkness is needed to see the stars” and that this period in my life is just going to help make what comes next that much brighter and more sparkly! and if it doesn’t work out the way that kate wants it to work out, well, then kate will just have to make an effort to heed the advice in the picture above and make the best of it!

life will go on. and what a beautiful, exciting life it is!


the best time of year by far.  i mean, i adore spring and fall definitely has some great qualities, winter is…eh, but summer! summer really has my heart.

0 3_original

summer is for staying up late and playing outside100_original

summer is for barbeques, smoothies, and actually having time to go out and try new things (restaurants, sports, museums, etc)8

suns out guns out…one of my personal favorite parts of summer


for plane rides, new books, and funky shorts

0_originaland for being outside as much as possible, because that is just what summer is for!

arghh matey

over the weekend i went on a pirate party boat with some coworkers and had a blast (as you can see from the pictures)!  who says accountants are stuffy nerds?!

photo 2 (3)

^ why yes i do have some of the best co-workers around.

 photo 3 (7) photo 4 (3)

^ the most legit pirate – tooth black, eyeliner, shredded clothes – the whole nine yards.

photo 4 (4)photo 5 (4)

^ these ladies are so much fun!!

photo 1 (7)3_original photo 4 (5)

^ the Kennedy Center and Georgetown waterfront all lit up at night are gorgeous!

photo 1 (6)photo 2 (6)

^ whoever thought up a pirate ship party boat is a genius and deserves mad props (if that’s even still a thing…ok maybe some accountants are nerds. so what!?).

 photo 5 (6)5_original (1)

^ and this amazing, fabulous, awesome, gorgeous couple are now Bostonians again.  i miss them already!!

coming up for air

so i know it is supposed to be summer and all that busy season nonsense is supposed to be behind me, but that is just the joy of  public accounting.  amazingly, it CAN last all year long if you get lucky enough. and then you just don’t have to worry about all those summer barbecues and lazy swimming pool days, because you will inevitably be working. [so maybe i am slightly exaggerating this, as I have had my weekends off still. and boy oh boy i can’t imagine myself without those weekends right now…yikes]

so we issued another report last friday and i feel like i am finally able to breathe again!  and i also feel a little like this, whoops.  so here is a picture from my favorite thing that happened over the past two weeks [two weeks since the last blog post!? geesh], bug’s ballet.  and prepare yourself, there are a whole heck of a lot more where this came from. just you wait!