2nd Grade


wow. i still can’t believe i have a second grader!!  and what big changes this little bug has had over the past year, all handled with so much strength (and a few melt downs, but hey, she is human)!  i don’t know what i would do without this little lady.  she has been immensely helpful with her new little sister, while trying to adjust to a new school and town.  she has also been preparing herself for her daddy to leave for training while her mommy works at “that dumb job that takes too many hours of your life, mom”.

i didn’t really even need to ask her what she wanted to be when she grew up because she talks about it all the time.  she will talk my ear off anytime she has the chance about the mansion she is going to open for all of the poor people that just need a little help or somewhere warm to sleep for the night.  “it’s really hard to take care of yourself when you don’t even have a place to sleep at night”.  this little lady, my little lady, makes my heart swell with love and pride each day.  she makes me want to be a better mom and person.

so cheers to second grade, bug!  one day you will read this and know you are so very loved.

1st grade and Kindergarten 



names are forever

this is a very intimidating fact,  and the reason why it was almost a full day after her birth that Everly was named.   this link couldn’t be more hilarious regarding choosing your child’s name (although we we didn’t quite get to the fighting or blaming…or maybe we did and i’m just choosing to block it out now…), and this link couldn’t be more spot on when you think about all the ridiculous things you could consider when naming your child.

we, however, decided to pawn this stressful decision off onto someone else.  Berkley.  who gets the full glory (or blame if you don’t like the name) for naming her baby sister.  we had hoped that this would help start the transition into loving, caring, slightly overbearing big sister in a big way.  and although she vehemently denied liking her sister for the first three months, saying things like “eh she’s just ok, but she steals all of my attention so i don’t really like her”, she has been nothing but an angel to her sister.  she coos and reads and kisses and begs to hold her on the daily. she calls out my mothering flaws “mom, why in the world doesn’t she have a bib on, she is spitting up all over and ruining these clothes” and proceeds to take things into her own hands, “i will clean you up little lady, don’t you worry”.  she chose the name Everly over Camille or Emerson because it sounds the most like Berkley.


i can’t wait to see what these little ladies relationship develops into!

a little bug update

it’s been awhile and i feel like this little lady is maturing so fast i can barely keep up! some bug stats as of late:

– is extremely nurturing.  runs to get me saltines anytime i mention nausea. also, on an extra long shopping day she suggested we stop for some cornbread and a salad “because you’re pregnant and i’m a growing girl and we haven’t had enough veggies today”.

– asks mature questions or makes statements about jealousy, love, death, etc.  “i know i am going to be jealous when the new baby comes, but that’s just part of life and i’m still really excited about it”.

– is a baking queen.  made a bajillion sugar cookies at Christmas time, refusing to let me roll, cookie cut, or decorate any of them.  “just man the stove mom, and ice a few cookies when you have free time”.09823740_original

– is a reading machine.  she loves Thea Stilton, Rainbow Magic Fairy series, and Magic Treehouse.  she can read a whole Junie B Jones book in one sitting….this makes me unreasonably sad, but also extremely proud.

– her negotiating skills grow better by the minute. “but can’t you just carry me this one last time because soon you will have to carry the baby everywhere?”

– quotes Duck Dynasty on the daily (her current daddy-berkley show) and thinks Si Robertson is the funniest person alive.  “Into the Pride” was the previous daddy-berkley show.

– loves wearing tights with jean shorts, black leather boots, and any type of baggy tee.  still also loves to wear matching dresses with her doll. wishes she could wear TOMs everyday.


– her new years “revolution” is to learn to play the piano and be an awesome big sister!

– if i look back at other little bug updates over the past few years (seen here, here, and here) you will note i talk about how much she wants a sibling!  and now the lucky little ducky is getting her wish, and couldn’t be more excited!


bug is getting herself a new baby SISTER and she is beyond excited!


101bug told me “it’s really unfortunate for you mom.  now dad will have two little daddy’s girls and you will still have no-one to be your favorite”!  ouch.  i know she loves her daddy a whole lot, but when she gets hurt or upset, she still wants her mommy.

so excited for more bows, dress up, nail painting, and just general girlishness!


zombie ballerina

i am going to play catch up on a few of the key events that happened during my blogging sabbatical, because i have some photos and stories that are too great not to post. one of those key things was Halloween.

this year the bug wanted to be something scary (no masks allowed), and somehow decided on a zombie.  she then spent hours trying to decide what type of outfit she wanted to zombie-fy.  we discussed cheerleader, bride (taken by her friend already), pirate, rocker, and on and on, until finally finding a decent, already put together, zombie ballerina costume.  so be it.


she got to wear her costume twice this year, at a themed Halloween party and to trick-or-treat.


i am saying a sad goodbye to days of princesses, cats, and ladybugs….the terrifying pre-teen years are just around the corner!

1st day of 1st Grade

again i cried like a baby….will that ever stop? so bittersweet.  it seems like only yesterday she was this little thing!

0_original (1)

so this year she wants to be a rockstar.  and she rocks it out around the house ALL THE TIME.  i will have to post a video of some of her sweet moves!3

oh this little lady. she keeps me on my toes these days.  always helping to remind me to do the right thing [especially when it comes to traffic issues, she is basically a driving expert].5i love you berkley elizabeth.  and i look forward to the excitement of every day with you!

where dreams come true



such a fun place!  my love for Disney runs deep. every time I go here I have a blast.  and seeing bug have a blast here just makes it that much better.  there were princesses, princesses, and more princesses filling our days!49_original7

^ the prettiest princess around!50_original2352_original12

it was cloudy and overcast just the right amount so that we didn’t fry in the heat!

space mountain was having technical difficulties while we were there, but bug was totally game to try it!25


^ typical53_original

we also went to Animal Kingdom

bug was really into getting her explorer badges and completing the explorer workbook3356_original

the safari ride was fabulous and you get so close to the animals3557_original39

the little bug freaked out at the bug’s life ride inside the huge tree.  we have learned she is NOT a fan of dense fog.58_original 43

^ the lion king show. best. ever.59_original

41such a great trip! can’t wait til next time!

ramblings and whatnot

some rambling thoughts i have been having lately. because why not?

Topic 1: the metro

oh public transportation. the joys and pains you cause me.  you do save my car from extra miles and allow me some time for just me!! but you are also unbearably hot and smelly, especially in the middle of our 100 degree heat wave. you also break down more than infrequently. and the fact that i currently have to keep track of two Mr. Greys – The Picture of Dorian Gray and 50 Shades of Grey – because i am way too embarrassed to be reading a romance novel in public is also kind of a con. nothing against romance novels, but everyone knows this book is downright kinky, and parading it around in public got me way too many unwanted stares and even a couple of bold winks.  although i do admit, Mr. Dorian Gray is proving to be quite provocative itself, in that beautiful 19th century kind of way though.


Topic 2: the bug knows way too much about “sexy time”

that’s what she called it the other day. seriously?!?! 6 years old!?!? you have got to be kidding me!!!  i have been reading a bajillion articles about when to have the official birds and bees discussion with your child and if its normal for them to be EXTREMELY curious. i knew this was going to be an issue when at 5, she asked me “no, but how exactly do the babies get out of the mommy’s belly?  do the doctors cut you open?”.  i decided then to answer honestly and told her that was one way that babies come out, and also explained the other way. to which she replied “that’s disgusting, i’m never going to have a baby”.  since then, her questions have become even more pointed. she has also come home talking about multiple different terms for the body parts, theories on baby making, and lots and lots of “well bobby at school said..”.  and this is why i have been minorly freaking out and reading a bajillion articles.

however, after reading those bajillion articles, i think that just approaching her questions in an honest and open manner is the best way to do it (for us at least).  she is perfectly comfortable in talking with us about anything that comes up.  we want to continue to encourage this behavior and not put up awkward boundaries that would make her seek out answers from her friends (who might just tell her that boys have to pee into girls to have a baby….um, gross).  so i guess we will just keep tackling this by being open and honest, and answering her questions as they come.  although i am really hoping we don’t get another knock on the door in the middle of the night with a “mom, why are you breathing so hard? what are you doing? let me in there!!”. not sure if i can be that open and honest yet ever.

Topic 3: the air conditioner battle

we have a mini war going on at our house right now.  the hubs has an unnaturally high body temperature and i am perfectly normal [at least body temperature wise…although i do have unnaturally sweaty palms…so maybe i am mostly normal].  this creates issues when trying to cool our house in the summer.  i walk into a freezer every night when i get home and have to find secret ways to turn the a/c down without him noticing.  when he does notice, i am doomed to wear a sweater in the middle of july….. #hothusbandproblems


Topic 4: orange is the new black

who knew a movie about women in prison could be so addictive!?! go netflix! you’re two for two now (House of Cards was the 1st winner).