i made that – clutch

my craftiness was dying to be let out, even if just for a teensy bit, so i gave in and made a clutch from this tutorial! and much to my delight, it was really easy. i mean honestly a thirty minute project [and i even added a liner to it]! i got the bright blue leather from this website that was very reasonable, and made the liner from some scrap material.

the tutorial is so straight forward, there aren’t even any little changes I would make, unless you want to add a liner. in which case, you take your liner material, measure it to the same length as the leather and sew three sides of it. then as you go to sew the zipper on, you just pin the one unsewed/open side of the liner to the inside of the leather. and tada! a cute, simple, and cheap clutch! and a free pat yourself on the back moment.4246_original


Great Falls Park

this weekend we had a perfect weather day and nothing planned, so we took the papa bear to great falls park, which bug and i had visited last year with the aunties. it didn’t disappoint!


^ caught him taking pictures of his own accord!! i was beyond proud.50

^ consoling my love bug5462_original

“i’m sorry mom, you’re great and all, but i’m just a daddy’s girl. i can’t help it”60 61_original

^ bug was feeling very artistically inclined with the camera. which equaled a bunch of crazy leg shots, shots without heads, etc.48

^ and in the only non-blurry, non-crazy angled picture we have, i am swatting a fly. womp womp.64_originalbut no big deal, we wrastled up a total stranger who managed an only minorly blurry picture!


ramblings and whatnot

some rambling thoughts i have been having lately. because why not?

Topic 1: the metro

oh public transportation. the joys and pains you cause me.  you do save my car from extra miles and allow me some time for just me!! but you are also unbearably hot and smelly, especially in the middle of our 100 degree heat wave. you also break down more than infrequently. and the fact that i currently have to keep track of two Mr. Greys – The Picture of Dorian Gray and 50 Shades of Grey – because i am way too embarrassed to be reading a romance novel in public is also kind of a con. nothing against romance novels, but everyone knows this book is downright kinky, and parading it around in public got me way too many unwanted stares and even a couple of bold winks.  although i do admit, Mr. Dorian Gray is proving to be quite provocative itself, in that beautiful 19th century kind of way though.


Topic 2: the bug knows way too much about “sexy time”

that’s what she called it the other day. seriously?!?! 6 years old!?!? you have got to be kidding me!!!  i have been reading a bajillion articles about when to have the official birds and bees discussion with your child and if its normal for them to be EXTREMELY curious. i knew this was going to be an issue when at 5, she asked me “no, but how exactly do the babies get out of the mommy’s belly?  do the doctors cut you open?”.  i decided then to answer honestly and told her that was one way that babies come out, and also explained the other way. to which she replied “that’s disgusting, i’m never going to have a baby”.  since then, her questions have become even more pointed. she has also come home talking about multiple different terms for the body parts, theories on baby making, and lots and lots of “well bobby at school said..”.  and this is why i have been minorly freaking out and reading a bajillion articles.

however, after reading those bajillion articles, i think that just approaching her questions in an honest and open manner is the best way to do it (for us at least).  she is perfectly comfortable in talking with us about anything that comes up.  we want to continue to encourage this behavior and not put up awkward boundaries that would make her seek out answers from her friends (who might just tell her that boys have to pee into girls to have a baby….um, gross).  so i guess we will just keep tackling this by being open and honest, and answering her questions as they come.  although i am really hoping we don’t get another knock on the door in the middle of the night with a “mom, why are you breathing so hard? what are you doing? let me in there!!”. not sure if i can be that open and honest yet ever.

Topic 3: the air conditioner battle

we have a mini war going on at our house right now.  the hubs has an unnaturally high body temperature and i am perfectly normal [at least body temperature wise…although i do have unnaturally sweaty palms…so maybe i am mostly normal].  this creates issues when trying to cool our house in the summer.  i walk into a freezer every night when i get home and have to find secret ways to turn the a/c down without him noticing.  when he does notice, i am doomed to wear a sweater in the middle of july….. #hothusbandproblems


Topic 4: orange is the new black

who knew a movie about women in prison could be so addictive!?! go netflix! you’re two for two now (House of Cards was the 1st winner).

very sneaky

we took a trip to the international spy museum this past weekend.  it was pretty neat. the James Bond exhibit was to die for and they had a fabulously “patriotic” daffy duck cartoon that really speaks for itself!


although the spy museum was a cool place to visit, in my opinion it is a bit overpriced for the value you get, especially since most museums are free in DC!38_original


^ this thing scared the crap out of me more times than i care to admit39_original 24

^ and this is what adults do at the spy museum37_original

^ can i get this mom?3122_original

^ normally chucking up the deuces makes her smile…not so much here29

summertime sadness

you may be thinking, how can anyone be sad during summer, especially those who just posted about how summertime was the best time of year….but you know, these things sometimes happen.  especially when listening to Lana del Rey’s Summertime Sadness, which they just keep playing on the radio [even though it came out over a year ago and i am unhealthily addicted to it].

i typically try to keep this blog super positive, because honestly those are the things that i want to look back and remember. however, i feel there are also some struggles that i would do well to remember, as i do believe our biggest struggles help us truly define ourselves. i speak from experience when i say i think it is when life is hardest that we learn who we are, what we are about, and just how much we can accomplish. which is somehow always so much more than imagined.

confessional: patience is a virtue i have long struggled with.  i am much too ambitious and aggressive to sit by and wait for things to come to me. but there are just some things out of my control. this is something i have struggled with for a while, but have always been able to work around…until now. and now that i am so unable to control this part of my life, it hurts.



i’m trying to remind myself  “a certain darkness is needed to see the stars” and that this period in my life is just going to help make what comes next that much brighter and more sparkly! and if it doesn’t work out the way that kate wants it to work out, well, then kate will just have to make an effort to heed the advice in the picture above and make the best of it!

life will go on. and what a beautiful, exciting life it is!


the best time of year by far.  i mean, i adore spring and fall definitely has some great qualities, winter is…eh, but summer! summer really has my heart.

0 3_original

summer is for staying up late and playing outside100_original

summer is for barbeques, smoothies, and actually having time to go out and try new things (restaurants, sports, museums, etc)8

suns out guns out…one of my personal favorite parts of summer


for plane rides, new books, and funky shorts

0_originaland for being outside as much as possible, because that is just what summer is for!

the bug puts her spanish lessons to good use

so as i mentioned here, the bug and i went to puerto rico with my family last week and it was a blast!! it was lovely to see all of my family all at once! we got to play card games, get hopelessly lost on back roads in the middle of nowhere, try new food, watch too many movies for a beach vacation, hoard oreos, and much more!

not to mention it was kind of awesome that i could lay on the beach and take a nap, not worrying about the bug since there were 6 other people there to keep an eye on her.


the house that we rented was in a gorgeous private complex and the beach was very quiet and secluded.  it had an awesome little tide pool that was warm and calm and perfect for bug.  there were also lots of little sea creatures to check out [crabs, sea urchins, fish]. 654_original 6

bug was very into her sandcastle building, flipping the bucket over so it didn’t spill, and bossing everyone anyone who would listen around.324_original 8

bug adamantly refused to speak a word of spanish the whole time we were there.  even when i was “conversing” with the little boy sitting next to me on the plane, who only spoke spanish, and tried to ease her into the conversation she wouldn’t.  she just stared at me with that look [ya know, the “girl whatchyou been smokin?!” look].  i also got this same look when i tried to ask “aparcamiento para la publica?”  to the parking lot attendant. and maybe a few other times when i more or less asked one word questions and did a lot of hand gestures…maybe i should join in on those spanish lessons with the bug.

[the correct way to ask would have been “estacionamiento para el público?”. in case you were wondering]

1235_original10 1245_original


^ they huddled up like this multiple times over a crab/fish/something…you can tell we’re family.3177

we went to the Cabo Rojo Salt Flats which were really neat! the water was a crazy bright purple color in the morning when we drove by, but when we got back to really check them out in the afternoon they were pink.6543_original 36

^ i wish i would have learned to take panorama photos before this. don’t worry, i have since been informed as to how it works [mind blown]!463549_original

the bug was in auntie and uncle heaven. we have a fun trip to Disneyworld planned for later this summer, but all she can talk about is going back to Indiana to spend a week with the family!!50 53

i might have been in auntie and uncle heaven also!3547_original 63 65111

^ this little guy had the coolest eyes.  they went vertical then horizontal every few seconds!
667286_original 79

^the whole crew56435_original92

^ always so adorable9999_original

we went exploring waterfalls one day, which may have been the highlight of the trip for me! 95


it was really treacherous hiking through the woods, especially in our bare feet or sandals.  we had to have a local guy show us the way to the 2nd waterfall [sidenote: he was awesome and knew all the secrets from the best way to hike it to the best way to jump in].  bug just flat out couldn’t make the hike because of all the climbing and slippery surfaces, so the little monkey clung to my back on the way there and uncle aley’s on the way back. i admit, i felt like a bada** once i carried my not-so-little 6 year old through the woods and then jumped off a waterfall! pat on the back.


^ hey ma! just hanging out in a waterfall, nbd.26895_original 1149994_original 115and i really tried to narrow it down on the sunsets, honestly, but i just couldn’t help myself!  they were all so gorgeous!!

the 4th

the 4th was only a few weeks ago. and it’s summer.  i honestly don’t feel that bad anymore about my lack of posting in the summer, because summer should be about getting out into that hot, disgustingly sticky, weather and sweating your butt off.  we had a pretty quiet 4th and stuck to Fairfax’s local offerings (parade, concert, bounce houses, fireworks).


^ bug impatiently waited all day to crack into these sparklers!


^ worst possible donut choice for a hot, sticky day.  it melted in about 5 seconds flat. on the upside, she was already so sticky from riding on daddy’s shoulders it didn’t really make much of a difference.

  8  1017_original7

^ best strawberry shortcake in a cup.  we got the last one and at a bargain price to boot!


and did you notice, not one picture of fireworks! after taking about 50 i realized they are just so much better in person, its not even worth it.