a little bug update

it’s been awhile and i feel like this little lady is maturing so fast i can barely keep up! some bug stats as of late:

– is extremely nurturing.  runs to get me saltines anytime i mention nausea. also, on an extra long shopping day she suggested we stop for some cornbread and a salad “because you’re pregnant and i’m a growing girl and we haven’t had enough veggies today”.

– asks mature questions or makes statements about jealousy, love, death, etc.  “i know i am going to be jealous when the new baby comes, but that’s just part of life and i’m still really excited about it”.

– is a baking queen.  made a bajillion sugar cookies at Christmas time, refusing to let me roll, cookie cut, or decorate any of them.  “just man the stove mom, and ice a few cookies when you have free time”.09823740_original

– is a reading machine.  she loves Thea Stilton, Rainbow Magic Fairy series, and Magic Treehouse.  she can read a whole Junie B Jones book in one sitting….this makes me unreasonably sad, but also extremely proud.

– her negotiating skills grow better by the minute. “but can’t you just carry me this one last time because soon you will have to carry the baby everywhere?”

– quotes Duck Dynasty on the daily (her current daddy-berkley show) and thinks Si Robertson is the funniest person alive.  “Into the Pride” was the previous daddy-berkley show.

– loves wearing tights with jean shorts, black leather boots, and any type of baggy tee.  still also loves to wear matching dresses with her doll. wishes she could wear TOMs everyday.


– her new years “revolution” is to learn to play the piano and be an awesome big sister!

– if i look back at other little bug updates over the past few years (seen here, here, and here) you will note i talk about how much she wants a sibling!  and now the lucky little ducky is getting her wish, and couldn’t be more excited!