2nd Grade


wow. i still can’t believe i have a second grader!!  and what big changes this little bug has had over the past year, all handled with so much strength (and a few melt downs, but hey, she is human)!  i don’t know what i would do without this little lady.  she has been immensely helpful with her new little sister, while trying to adjust to a new school and town.  she has also been preparing herself for her daddy to leave for training while her mommy works at “that dumb job that takes too many hours of your life, mom”.

i didn’t really even need to ask her what she wanted to be when she grew up because she talks about it all the time.  she will talk my ear off anytime she has the chance about the mansion she is going to open for all of the poor people that just need a little help or somewhere warm to sleep for the night.  “it’s really hard to take care of yourself when you don’t even have a place to sleep at night”.  this little lady, my little lady, makes my heart swell with love and pride each day.  she makes me want to be a better mom and person.

so cheers to second grade, bug!  one day you will read this and know you are so very loved.

1st grade and Kindergarten