flying high

i had my very first flight lesson during my blogging sabbatical.  it was one of those introductory flight lessons where they teach you the basics.  i was shocked at how straightforward these little planes are to fly. and the flight instructor was so laid back, he even let bug come along!



bug and the flight instructor were of course fast friends.  he didn’t even mind when she kept interrupting over the mic to say “hey mom!! i just wanted to say i love you on this thing”31

i think the flight instructor wanted to ask if i was pregnant, but he didn’t.  not sure if that’s totally allowed, but eh.

bug was my in flight photographer and did such a great job34such a fun thing to do! if you ever get the chance, take it!



vieques, puerto rico.  i cannot say enough good things about this little island off of the puerto rico mainland.  it completely exceeded all of our expectations!

we rented a jeep and explored all of the beaches on the island!  they were beyond beautiful.  clear water, soft silky sand for miles, and basically no one on the beach but us!  blue beach was our favorite.

^ does it get better than this?!  i think not.

we stayed at the Sea Gate hotel and took an AMAZING 3 hr ride through the mountains and then onto the beach.  we had the friendliest tour guide who not only gave us a tour of the island, but also introduced us to all the tropical fruit on the island [and showed us his house].

alright family and friends.   if ya’ll wanna just pitch in for a fabulous Christmas gift, Shane and I will gladly allow you to visit for vacations.

one of my favorite things about Vieques is all of the wild horses.  they were EVERYWHERE!  i mean literally, driving down the road and there are horses standing along the sides.  horses on the beaches.  horses in the towns.  horses everywhere!!  and they are so used to people you can walk right up to them 🙂  LOVE.

the 375 year old Ceiba tree ^

 i can’t help myself.  sorry for not being sorry.

we also had an amazing experience at one of the few bioluminescent bays left!  i am hoping that some of my pictures taken with my waterproof camera will turn out.  it was truly one of the most amazing things i have ever seen!  we went out in the middle of the night in kayaks and the water lit up in neon colors!! SO NEAT! hopefully pictures to come.

old san juan

so this is gonna have to be one of those posts that hits ya in about three separate parts.  sorry, but i am strapped at work and have way too many photos to sift through all at once. so i’m breaking it down!

we started our trip in old san juan.  it was as quaint and lovely as i had imagined!  we went during the tourist “low season” so it was pretty quite and easy to see and do everything!  we took advantage of the free trolleys and rode around looking at all the gorgeous old houses and cobblestone streets.  we checked out the two forts San Cristobal and El Morro, which had gorgeous views [if you’re into that kind of thing].

also, prepare yourself for lots of BEAUTIFUL skies.

best duck nachos i’ve ever had ^  and all around fabulous food here, I highly recommend it!