home…sigh of contentment

it’s so nice to be home! no matter how wonderful your travels, it is just a great feeling to sleep in your own bed again!

while i am playing catch up at work and at home, here are a few beauts from San Fran.  i have such mixed feeling towards that city! freezing cold [yes, if you need to buy hot cocoa at a baseball game to keep warm, it qualifies as freezing] in the middle of August…so bizarre….yet very, very pretty.  totally torn.

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most of these are from hiking around Golden Gate Park.  there is so much to see there!00 0


and off we go again

on to another adventure or two!  the bug is heading back to Indiana to spend a week visiting family while i head off to San Fran for the week (work related, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun).  then back to DC for an adults only weekend at the beach before i am off to Orlando for a week. all of this culminating in a family Disneyworld trip!! woohoo!  it’s been three years since we took bug to Disney and i can’t wait to see her reactions this time around as she has been fully invested in planning and preparing this time around.


she had a smile on her face the whole time [minus one minor chicken nugget incident]

382569_684952887457_1793446402_nread about our family trip to San Fran here

this means the blogging will be sparse, or potentially nonexistent the next few weeks, FYI