sisters in the city

we took a girls trip to the big city to celebrate the little sister’s birthday.   whoo buddy it is so nice to have some girls time, especially with these ladies!  i haven’t had nearly as much family time since we moved out here to DC so it was nice to catch up.  it was both of the sisters first time in NY, so we got to see most of the big landmarks and do super touristy things.   and although we all proved to be huge wimps when it came to walking around all day, we still had a great time!

we felt left out. i mean, everyone else was doing it!

showed our respect at the twin towers memorial

caught a broadway show [Memphis].  it was FABULOUS!

and this was really the only picture we got together, compliments of an elderly man with a cane who spent quite a bit of time finding the correct button, hence the frozen/forced smiles.  love you girls, can’t wait to do it again!!


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